List of publications and exhibitions 


• (November 2021- January 2022) “Postcards from Europe”. A group exhibition by Shutterhub of photos taken in Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The exhibition will take place at Cambridge University.

• (November 18 - 21 2021) 3Shots Triptych festival exhibition. Online group exhibitin of 100 selected triptychs. • (September 2021) Exhibited in Shutterhubs “Yearbook 2021”. Selected as one of 100 featured photographers for the print publication and exhibited in the online group exhibition.


• (November/December 2021) Editorial in a print publication featuring photos from a project I made in 2021, “Suspended Time”. For the first issue of the “Develop - creative careers through photography” series magazine at The Photographers gallery in London, UK.

• (1 August 2021), online publication of a camera review and photos that I took. camera-review-a-love-letter-to-my-hasselblad-500cm

• 27 June 2021), online publication of an article I wrote and photos from the film reviews in the article. ( 22nd-birthday-at-the-uetliberg-on-fujifilm-fujicolor-industrial-100-film-35mm-formatei-100-pentax-mx-asahi-pentax-smc-50mm-f-1-7)

• (7 June 2021), online article with photos. articles/5-frames/5-frames-of-my-22nd-birthday-at-the-uetliberg-on-fujifilm-fujicolorindustrial-100-film-35mm-format-ei-100-pentax-mx-asahi-pentax-smc- 50mm-f-1-7

• 28 August 2020) Silvergrain Classics, online publication as part of their project DocuPan. ( )

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